Feline Chess Fight Team-Cherry Red
Buck Atom's Cosmic Curios on 66

Feline Chess Fight Team-Cherry Red

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Tenacious and cunning, Chess Fight Felines have their claws out and ready to pounce upon their opponents. They have enslaved mice to use as pawns in their vicious Cat and Mouse game.

Chess Fight fighters are home-brewed in a variety of colors, so no set will be exactly like another. Each team is carefully crafted by hand, going through a multi-step process as they come to life.

Each team comes sporting their own team color, represented by their colored bands, which stretch and fit perfectly at the base of each fighter. These bands are interchangeable, allowing you to mix and match teams. If your opponent is also crazy about purple felines, your teams will be distinguishable by their team colors. The colored bands are optional, and your fighters look as fierce without them as they do with them.

Note: Chess Fight pieces are sold in teams, not sets. Each team consists of the standard 16 pieces and come in standard sizes to be used with any regular or competition sized chess boards and pieces.

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