Buck Atom Print by Chandler O’Leary
Chandler O’Leary

Buck Atom Print by Chandler O’Leary

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Available in 9 x 12 or 11 x 14


About the Artist Chandler O’Leary. : I am an illustrator, letterer(erer) and entrepreneur living and working in the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and I started my one-woman business in 2004. I was born 50 miles west of Wall Drug, grew up on Cape Cod, spent a year in Rome, and have crept more or less westward ever since. Now I’ve settled in Washington State with my husband and son, in a century-old Craftsman house overlooking Puget Sound. On summer nights the light from two lighthouses blinks through my bedroom window, and from my studio I can hear gulls crying and sea lions barking—my favorite sounds in the world. I spend my days drawing pictures and every free moment criss-crossing the continent on winding back roads.

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