Buck Atom’s Muffler Man Napper Pillow - Buck Atom's Cosmic Curios on 66
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Buck Atom’s Muffler Man Napper Pillow

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Made to order. Will ship in approx 2 weeks after order date.Soft. Cozy. Sleepy. Fun. Travel. Couch. Car. Bed. Floor. The ultimate take-anywhere nap pillow for all ages.

Pro Napper (person with narcolepsy) combining love for all things soft and sleepy with passion to sew to provide the ultimate take-anywhere nap pillow. 

The pillows are stuffed with a no lump and ultra soft shredded memory foam. 

People want their first pillow because they love the design but they ask for their second because of the pillow’s comfort. 

Comfort and fun. Nap anywhere with a pillow that tells something about your story.

Made by Brooke Cox. 

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